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Do you love yourself? Can you gaze into a mirror and smile despite how many people feel you should be ashamed of your uniqueness?  Ferrin has created a shatterproof mirror which reflects boldness, distinctiveness, confidence, and self- realization. While gazing into her mirror, you may only notice the obvious, “a birthmark,” but she has survived unforgettable experiences that were intended to destroy her internally. Throughout this book, Ferrin shares authentic experiences she has encountered throughout her childhood and adulthood living with her birthmark. These experiences will not only raise awareness but prepare you for living a normal life in a judgmental world. Ferrin challenges you all to, ”Unveil your Face, and Raise your Head High!” You are distinguished and beautiful. Your uniqueness may not be ordinary, but that alone makes your life more fascinating!

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Succeeding in Purpose

While reading, I went through all the emotions, I'd recommend this book to any person who may feel they are different and don't belong. Ferrin is a prime example of why being different is not only a great thing  but will lead you to your true purpose.  - Paige Logan

This book changed the way I viewed beauty.

Let me start by saying I teared many times reading this book. All of us wear a birthmark that world tries to tell us hide. However, Ferrin explains how our birthmarks make us  unique, beautiful, and strong. The Mark She kept, reminded me to always be confident in a world that shows you how flawless they are. I could also relate to her reflection being her best friend, I had to remind myself of this may times as and adult. It's really nice to know there are so many vulnerable, yet strong and beautiful people like Ferrin who share their story and make people like me become unafraid of being raw and unveiled in a masked world. Love!Love! Love!-Marielyz Millan

Inspirational, Motivational, Soul Searching!!

I received Ms. Roy's book via Amazon last night and read it in 2 hours! I was in so inspired, as a woman with a facial birthmark I could relate 100% to her journey but you do not need to have a birthmark to take away her messages. I appreciated how easy of a read it is, I would highly recommend this book to anyone who wants to be inspired to live your truth!!! Ms. Roy's quote "Unveil Your Face And Raise Your Head High" is simply beautiful!!! Wishing Ms. Roy much success and thank you for your words, you made my day!!

! - Julie Rhodes

What an Awesome book!!

Thank you for an awesome and God ordained story and book. A must read for all who struggle with physical insecurities and even emotional insecurity. Ferrin hits the nail on the head about identity, Jesus and love for ourselves. God makes no mistakes.- M.M.

Soulfully written !


Soulfully written from first-hand experience, this book  carries a very positive message that applies to all of us. This gifted and knowledgeable author offers great advice to those who possess a birthmark or any other visible marks on their body. This book was an easy and insightful read, and while I strongly recommend it for anyone who struggles with a visible uniqueness of any kind, I also recommend it for those who seem flawless on the outside, yet struggle with what the author calls “hidden birthmarks”---those marks that have damaged the soul. I think it  impacts  teens and children who feel they are different. It helped me enter into the world of someone who bears a visible birthmark, as does the author, and understand what it is like live in a world that is not always understanding and sensitive. It’s almost unbelievable how insensitive some adults can be, even toward children. In Maya Angelou’s words, the author “Has something to say, the ability to say it, and the courage to say it at all.” I admire the author’s courageous spirit and her ability to rise above the small-mindedness of others. Ferrin, I pray your message reaches far and wide and that the purpose for this book is fully realized among its readers.

                                                                      - Amazon Book Review