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The Confidence Call is a faith based non- profit organization created to inspire and empower girls  to develop strong self- confidence. Our girls are vulnerable due to peer pressure, bullying, and social media. Our virtual and physical workshops are for girls ages 10-18 years old, focusing on developing self-love, positive decision making, healthy boundaries, courage, and dignity.




The Confidence Call encourages girls to embrace their differences and blossom into powerful leaders within the community. Our programs support the achievement of physical, mental, social emotional, spiritual, and economic success.




We are currently awaiting our 501c3 status. If you would like to donate to provide door prizes for our participants please donate below. 

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The Confidence Call is a complimentary workshop presented to girls ages 10-18 via zoom. Each workshop will consist of various topics such as self-love, positive decision making, smart social media usage, peer pressure, anti-bullying, biblical confidence, and healthy boundaries.  Participants are encouraged to submit questions pertaining to the topic which will be discussed during the workshop. 

Each participant under the age of 18 is required to register with a parental guardian. After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing the meeting ID and password. 

I am hopeful The Confidence Call will inspire you to be empowered in your quest to developing self-love.

*The information contained with Ferrin Roy is not a substitute for professional advice given by a psychiatrist or counselor. Ferrin Roy is not liable for any actions or decisions made by the participants. 

By engaging the services of Ferrin Roy you and your parental guardian have agreed to all terms and conditions mentioned above.


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Enter your question in the box below regarding SELF-LOVE to be discussed during the workshop. * Your name will not be mentioned.


1.   How can I practice self-love daily ?

2.   How can I release my emotions in a positive manner?

3.   My friend said _____________ and it affected my confidence.

4.   How can I feel confident while experiencing puberty?

Thank you for registering.