Ferrin Roy is a native of Louisiana. She has a Bachelor's Degree in Family and Consumer Sciences with a concentration in Child Development. Ferrin's  profession as a Mental Health Specialist helps others learn to cope with mental illness.  

Ferrin is known for displaying confidence by embracing her unique birthmark. She is  extremely passionate about helping girls overcome low self esteem. She inspires others to love who they are despite the world's perception of beauty.

She is also a wife, mother, author, and inspirational speaker. Ferrin's interactive workshops focus on developing self-respect, integrity, courage, and dignity. All programs support the achievement of physical, mental, social, emotional, spiritual, and economic success. 



            Meet My Family

My Husband Shavayne , is the owner of Royal Floors & More. He's a great husband, father, and cook! 

Hailyn ,recently began middle school. She's an awesome dancer, cook, and sister. She loves Roblox and shopping!

Aavyn, is the baby of the family. She is a great singer, dancer, and artist! She enjoys Roblox and Tik Tok!

My family is my happy place! I am so blessed to have them! 

It's not what we have in life, It's WHO we have! Family is EVERYTHING!

Ferrin Roy has become the FACE of Self-Love and Acceptance!

                                             -People Magazine