Ferrin Roy is a native of Louisiana. She has a Bachelor's Degree in Family and Consumer Sciences with a concentration in Child Development. Ferrin's  profession as a Mental Health Specialist helps others learn to cope with mental illness.

Ferrin is known for displaying confidence by embracing her unique birthmark. She is  extremely passionate about helping girls overcome low self esteem. She inspires others to love who they are despite the world's perception of beauty.


Ferrin has written several articles which has circulated globally encouraging self love!  March 12, 2017 she released a self- help book entitled , " The Mark She Kept, A woman's journey to living her purpose courageously." 


She was also a featured guest on the The Word Network, and Turning Point International. Ferrin has spoken at several youth organizations, conferences, schools and churches.


Ferrin's ultimate goal is to help others become,  Free of Insecurities!

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